About Us


James Russ is leading the way in designing and constructing bespoke lighting solutions for both commercial and domestic settings.

Operating under Epsilon Lighting for many years, James has merged the two names into one solid, reliable brand. 

With commissioned work distributed globally, we have worked alongside some of the world’s leading architecture firms and we have the facilities to satisfy any brief.

Our world is full of mass-produced lighting products that fulfil little more than the short-term want. They give no consideration to long-term user satisfaction and the process involved in making each product.

As consumers ourselves, we have recognised a need for high quality products that last and perform beyond expectations. We aim to create lights that become heirlooms and satisfy far more than just an immediate want.

Our customers are always proud to display a James Russ light and appreciate the detail and time that has gone into them. Our small team of skilled artisans are not just making art, they are making functional art.

A James Russ light is never mass-made from cheap materials pressed in soulless factories. Our lights are inspired by years of research rooted in our deep immersion in the natural environment of New Zealand.

James Russ and Epsilon ensures every light is made from the highest quality materials available; built with real passion, real love and by the skilled hands of real people.