My light sculptures are a way to express my wonderment of the natural world.



Born from a long lineage of New Zealand Pioneers, James Russ learnt from a young age that the creation of something purely unique stems from full immersion. James has grown up with a deep understanding of natural New Zealand; from camping in the sand dunes of Pekapeka beach as a child, to diving deep below the South Pacific Ocean. His intrinsic understanding of natural detail is reflected in the designs he shares with others.



Our world is full of mass-produced lighting products that fulfil little more than the short-term want. They give no consideration to long-term user satisfaction and the process involved in making each product
A James Russ light is never mass-made from cheap materials pressed in soulless factories. I ensure every light is made from the highest quality materials available; built with real passion, real love and by the skilled hands of real people.



MY lights are inspired by years of research rooted in my deep immersion in the natural environment of New Zealand.


“Thank you so much to you and your team for all your efforts. The pieces you have created will be a stand out feature of the venue. Thank you for all your extra hours, late nights, trouble shooting creative genius you and your team have put in. We look forward to you and your team coming to visit your creations for many years to come. ”

— Carrie Mendell, General Manager, Tantalus Estate