A year-long commitment is behind the Lemon Light and Fritta pendants created for the esteemed architects Pip and Aileen Cheshire.

James Russ worked closely with Nat Cheshire who had a particular vision for the light– a surprise for his father. James worked with the form of a lemon to design and develop plans for glass work, blown by the talented Luke Jacomb. Designing an organic form out of a material as unforgiving as brass presented quite a challenge, but the end result boasted a clean and simplistic finish. The Lemon Light accentuates the living room’s ceiling-high bookshelves while producing warm, inviting light.

To bring the room together, James Russ and potter Peter Collis created the Fritta pendants. Made with ceramic and glass, the light glows a brilliant warm hue and throws task light onto the kitchen Island. The lights stand out on their own but also flow together as a story.