A year-long commitment is behind the Lily light, Lemon Light and Fritta pendants created for the esteemed architect Pip and his wife Aileen Cheshire.

Designing an organic form out of a material as unforgiving as brass presented quite a challenge, but the end result boasted a clean and simplistic finish. The Lily Light accentuates the living room’s ceiling-high bookshelves while producing warm, inviting light. 
James Russ worked closely with Nat Cheshire who had a particular vision for the Lemon light– a surprise for his father. James worked with the form of a lemon to design and develop plans for glass work, blown by the talented Luke Jacomb.

To bring the home together, James Russ and potter Peter Collis created the Fritta pendants. Made with ceramic and glass, the light glows a brilliant warm hue and throws task light onto the kitchen Island. The lights stand out on their own but also flow together as a story.

Materials used: Brass, cast glass, ceramic Fritta