James Russ’ most recent project has taken the team to The Old Kaikoura Winery, tucked away on the South Island’s east coast. Surrounded by vast mountains and stormy seas, the brief is simple: bring the beauty of Kaikoura and what it means into the winery. James Russ has taken advantage of the property’s surrounding environment. Large cray pots have been built with vines from the winery and woven through steel pots. They are lit with miniature LEDs and glass globes.

A large bunker is also hidden away on the winery, which will be transformed into a functional space. This is a blank canvas for James to design a one-off spectacular piece. The Old Kaikoura Winery is an ongoing project for James Russ and photos will be added as the project continues.

Materials used: Grape vine, seed lights, handblown glass spheres, brass