James Russ is designing lighting for Matakana Estate – a hidden gem in the Matakana wine region positioned between sandy beaches and rolling green hills.

Matakana Estate refreshed their spacious interiors to accommodate weddings and large-scale events. James has created a set of lights to illuminate the space, taking inspiration from grape vines on the property and the surrounding landscape and the nature of Matakana Estate…Wine.

The ‘Flutes’ are made from a steel frame with vines wrapped throughout to create a flute shape. Miniature LEDs were used to create a twinkling effect and LED bulbs for task lighting. These bring a twinkly warmth and a touch of magic to the Estate’s interior.

The cellar dining called for a more dramatic light, the use of vines and more miniature LEDs together created the crawling organic light. It makes for a memorable dining experience.

2019 Matakana Estate are working towards opening an inner city destination for wine tasting, James Russ was tasked with the creation of the ‘Wine barrel’ pendants to go above the bar.

 Materials used: Sauvignon Blanc vines, mild steel, LED filament bulbs, miniature LED’s