Matakana Estate – a hidden gem in the Matakana wine region positioned between sandy beaches and rolling green hills

Matakana Estate refreshed their spacious interiors to accommodate weddings and large-scale events. James has created a set of lights to illuminate the space, taking inspiration from grape vines on the property and the surrounding landscape and the nature of Matakana Estate…Wine.

The ‘Flutes’ are made from a steel frame with vines wrapped throughout to create a flute shape. Miniature LEDs were used to create a twinkling effect and LED bulbs for task lighting. These bring a twinkly warmth and a touch of magic to the Estate’s interior.

The cellar dining called for a more dramatic light, the use of vines and more miniature LEDs together created the crawling organic light. It makes for a memorable dining experience.

2019 Matakana Estate are working towards opening a cellar door onsite for wine tasting, expect to see some more James Russ designs included in this new space.

Matakana Estate 568 Matakana Rd, Matakana 0985

 Materials used: Sauvignon Blanc vines, mild steel, LED filament bulbs, miniature LED’s