Portland series


James Russ’ Portland Wharf series breathes new life into century-old timber. The former railway-carrying wharf on the Whangarei Harbour was dismantled in 2011. Built in 1910, it was New Zealand’s longest wharf at nearly a kilometre long.

The wharf’s hardwood Jarrah timber was salvaged and stored at an old shipyard, then moved to a private collection in Kawaika where James haggled for the remains. The historic timber pieces are currently being built into long, linear lights with high CRI warm white LED strip. This provides a flood of task lighting but can also be dimmed to a low light level to create intimate settings.

The wood’s original grain and details are protected with multiple coats of Danish oil that seals against continued aging.

Each piece is unique and we have limited stock available. Series one was custom-built for private homes in Wellington and Waiheke. Series two is in the works for a Northland private home.

Materials used: Portland wharf timber, acrylic LED cassette, stainless fixings